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Palestine Green Building Council

Palestine Green Building Council (PalGBC) is an NGO that was established in Mid-2011. The Council is part of the World Green Building (WGBC) and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Councils and has developed its governance structure, its internal policies, and is in the process of assembling its executive management team. The Council has a clearly articulated Strategic Essence reflecting its Core Values, Mission and Vision.

Market Needs

The growth in the Palestinian Real estate sector is hitting new records, and it is highly expected that this sector is going to expand more and more as a result for the highest population growth all over the world. Palestine has limited natural resources with limited access, while the needs are growing rapidly. This makes any natural resources conservation highly accepted by the market and supported by the official bodies working in Palestine. This should be an important part of any strategic thinking towards a national resources management plan. From the end user point of view, Palestinians pay the highest rate for their energy and water compared to the surrounding region, which represents a huge percentage of their low level of income compared to the region

Vision, Mission and Goals

BOD Members

Vision, Mission and Goals